Ninja Days

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    Post by Marik Swift on Fri Jan 22, 2016 1:06 am

    On Ninja Days we had sought to encourage member-to-member support and to encourage members' imagination. We wanted to create an environment where member's support each other and where member's feel like always giving it their best.

    Every role-play thread done on the site is completely liable for review, whether it be a walk through the park or a mission. When you want a thread reviewed all you need to do is fill out the Review template and post it. From there, others members are free to check in and offer up a review of your thread. That said, members are encourage to poke an eye in on the section every now and then.

    Reviews are done using a 10/10 system. After the deadline of the review has passed, your the average of everyone's review will be used to determine your overall rating, in which case you'll then be compensated based on such. Dependent on the nature of the thread, you'll also receive more compensation than normal (ie missions, personal mini-events or personal plots). Consistency is also rewarded and if you are known to consistently have good threads or you draw a lot of reviewers, there willl be a small bit of extra compensation for you.

    As a reviewer, you too will be compensated for your review. The better your review, the better your compensation. You also have one advantage the person being reviewed doesn't have; that being you as the reviewer get to choose whether you want to be compensated with experience or money. That said, help yourself by helping your fellow members.

    Review Rules

    • A review thread must have at least three(3) reviews before it can be closed. This is so as that there is a fair and general assessment of the thread being reviewed.

    • No half-assed reviews. When doing a review you must give a solid assessment of the thread (two or three paragraphs should suffice).

    • Don't try to falsify your reviews, meaning don't read others reviews then just reword it or pretend you actually read the thread. Staff may not catch up with you immediately, but the moment we do, being caught doing this is the easiest way to ruin your day.

    • No one is entitled to give you a good review. This meaning, if someone gave you a fair review and you don't like it, then don't go badgering them for a better review. This will have severe consequences.

    • No bias. Whether good or bad, we encourage members not to be bias. We don't care if it's friend or foe, all reviews are to be done maturely and fairly.

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