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    When creating a weapon or jutsu, it's overall capabilities will be determined by what can be called "mechanisms" or "mechanics". Damage, blocking, buffing, debuffing, range, whatever you want you technique to do will be determined by the mechanisms it possesses.

    The numbers of mechanisms a weapon/jutsu can have it then dependent on it's rank. As mentioned, all techniques on the site start at E-Rank and you must use experience to increase the rank. As the rank increases, so does the number of mechanisms, essentially making the technique more complicated.

    The number of mechanisms a technique can have dependent on it's rank is as follows:

    • E-Rank: 1 mechanism

    • D-Rank: 2 mechanisms

    • C-Rank: 3 mechanisms

    • B-Rank: 4 mechanisms

    • A-Rank: 5 mechanisms

    • S-Rank: 6 mechanisms. S-rank techniques however has the ability to gain infinite mechanisms.

    As an example, in canon the Fireball Jutsu is considered a C-Rank, in turn it possesses 3 mechanisms total. On the site this would be as such:

    The system is meant for giving members full optimization of their technique as mentioned though and a person can very well alter this technique to have more range than damage, increase it's rank to gain even more mechanisms or add a new mechanism.

    That said, mechanisms can be just about anything and operate in a very similar way to that of abilities. You can add a mechanism which makes that particular jutsu stronger when facing a specific person or jutsu. Anything goes. Here are some of the standard mechanisms though:

    • Damage - How much damage the jutsu/weapon does.

    • Speed - How fast the jutsu/weapon is; goes hand in hand with range.

    • Range - How far can the attacks of the jutsu/weapon travel. Every point added increases range by x3, starting at 5m (ie. D-rank is 5m, C-rank is 15, B-rank is 45, etc)

    • Homing

    • Blocking

    • Buffing

    • Debuffing

    The classification of a technique is also counted as a mechanism. For instance, if you want to use a technique that combines taijutsu with genjutsu, then you'll effectively need to buy either a taijutsu or genjutsu mechanism (you get the first one free upon creation).

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