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    Post by Marik Swift on Fri Jan 22, 2016 1:01 am

    When using experience, the amount on your profile itself will in fact remain untouched, except for a few occasions. There'll be no points deduction and instead on your character's data book, it'll be marked as

    Another use of experience is to determine the numerical aspects of certain abilities. For instance, a character with a level five in speed would be considered as fast as the Raikage, Ei, but that doesn't exactly tell you how fast they are in MPH, now does it? Using experience, you can effectively get a more numerical idea of your character's stats if you so choose. (ie. a character with 100 experience and level two speed can for instance be said to move at their experience multiplied by their ability level in MPH).

    Using experience in such a way can be a pretty touchy thing though and best to consult staff to get a clear idea of how to calculate the numbers.

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