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    I. RULES

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    I. RULES

    Post by Marik Swift on Thu Jan 21, 2016 8:55 pm

    Site Rules

    1. Respect & Equality
    No one is better than anyone here. The mods are here to help & regulate, not rule you and if you ever feel abused by a moderator, report it.

    Character Rules

    1. One character per account. Twins can be done on the same account, albeit every member is only to entitled to one twin characters account.

    2. Your account no name should be your character's name in the format "First Last" with middle name initials being optional, the only exception being staff's out of character account.

    Roleplay Rules

    1. Magic Does Exist is a character driven site. Rarely will you see out of character overlap with in character actions.

    Thread tagging is optional. When tagging however, use solid brackets and initials. Open would be [O], Private would be [P], etc. Don't tag mature threads, it's pretty much like telling people "hey, come read my thread".

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