Ninja Days

Tell me, do you remember those?


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    Post by Marik Swift on Fri Jan 22, 2016 12:55 am

    All abilities have a total of five [5] levels each level representative of a rank in the ninja system (D,C,B,A,S). That said, comparatively, your character can do whatever a ninja who specializes in that stat of the same rank in the series can do. Having level five [5] speed will effectively make your character as fast the Raikage, Ei without his Lightning Armor.

    That said, level five abilities are on an entirely different level from the first four and a person can only ever have up to eight abilities at level five, which includes Jutsu. That said, let's suppose you want your character to have a style exactly like that of the Raikage, then they would need level five in speed, endurance, strength & lightning release armor. That said, your character can easily go above and beyond canon.

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